Aalborg Bricklayers White™ Cement

Changing The Face Of Bricks

For a professional white mortar finish


The additives in Aalborg Bricklayers White™ Cement create a ‘creamier’ mortar, improving workability and extending mortar board life. It also ensures the bags don’t ‘lump up’ during storage.

Some examples of Aalborg Bricklayers White™ Cement in various projects

Andrew Harridge - White Cement Company

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Our customers say…

Save money don’t need to buy lime

Doesn’t dry out on the mud board

Highlights the colours in the brick

Quality product for quality jobs

Easy to use

Comes up fluffy

Shows off brickies workmanship

Never go back to an off white or grey after using Bricklayers White Cement

If it’s not Bricklayers White it’s not right

Great product to work with

White Cement Company

We're proudly Australian-owned and are Australia's only Distributor of high-quality Aalborg Bricklayers White™ Cement.

A Specifically designed Masonry Cement produced for the Domestic and Commercial building Industry!

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