Aalborg Bricklayers White® Cement

Aalborg Bricklayers White® Cement is a pure white cement designed especially for Bricklayers.

Why you should be using Aalborg Bricklayers White® Cement.

♦ It creates a distinctive, crisp, white mortar to contrast light, dark and feature face brickwork.

♦ Being a ‘pure white’ cement, not ‘off-white’, you can achieve a whiter mortar colour while using off-white sand & save $$’s

♦ The additives in Aalborg Bricklayers White® Cement create a ‘creamier’ mortar, improving workability and extending mortar board life therefore reducing mortar waste.

♦ This means you will need less plasticizer, lime and fireclay added in your mix.

♦ As it is a pure white colour, it’s a perfect base cement for adding coloured oxides.

♦ Meets M4 rating for Coastal environments.

♦ For use in bricklaying mortar, rendering, bagging and external grouting.

Aalborg Bricklayers White® Cement is manufactured to strict ISO 9002:1994 standards and meets Australian Standards AS 3972.



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