Aalborg GP White

A rapid hardening Portland cement has high early (2 days) and standard (28 days) strengths.

Produced of extremely pure limestone and fine-ground sand.

What makes AALBORG GP WHITE cement so unique is the

  • white colour
  • high consistency
  • extraordinarily low content of alkali
  • high sulphate resistance.

AALBORG GP WHITE cement can be described as a low-alkali, sulphate resistant cement by most national standards.

Perfect to use for

  • Pool Builders
  • Kitchen Bench Tops

Technical Documentation & Brochures

SDS Documentation

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White Cement Company

We're proudly Australian-owned and are Australia's only Distributor of high-quality Aalborg Bricklayers White™ Cement.

A Specifically designed Masonry Cement produced for the Domestic and Commercial building Industry!

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